Grace Hopper Conference: Rewind and Retune!

Grace Hopper conference (GHC) is the gathering of women I idealize; the women in whose shoes I want to be 5-10 years from now. Having been part of this awesome conference in 2008 as a Google scholar, I had the opportunity to present a BOF session on student computing groups with girls from Canada, India and Mexico. Being in my final year, I was initially perplexed whether I should go to graduate school or choose an industry career. Talking to various women at GHC and learning from their experiences enabled me to decide and gave me a head start in my professional career. This empowered me to exceed my own expectations on joining the workforce and subsequently led to my selection for an accelerated career path at my current firm. GHC 2008 was the first instance when I had seen so many amazing technical women in one place and had left the conference with immense inspiration.

This year, I am most excited to be part of GHC because of my accepted submission on perspectives of junior women in technology. Sharing the stage with two other super women and talking about my experiences over the past 3 years, I see this as a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community, as several other attendees will be taking their first steps into a technical career. Moreover, this is also a time when I am keen to learn more about the amazing work being done in the software industry and GHC provides the avenue where all the best tech companies congregate, so I am looking forward to learning more about various opportunities out there. In addition, I am excited to have been chosen as an official blogger for the conference! I remember these few years when I could not attend GHC, the wiki, blogs and tweets were my best learning materials from the conference. So I am very happy that I will be reaching out to many more folks other than the attendees and sharing the awesomeness of GHC 2012. So do look out for interesting coverage on some really exciting sessions here on my blog!!


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