GHC 12: Here I come!

I am super excited that GHC is coming nearer and nearer!

Last few days have been crazy with things to do for GHC and work and vacation, all at the same time. Here are the ‘things to do/prepare for GHC’ that some of you might find helpful.

– Pack a sweater/cardigan as it might be a little chilly

– If you are considering career change or are going to enter workforce soon, get copies of your resume

– Get your name cards ready

– Setup a blog/twitter account to learn and share amazing GHC experiences

– Download the GHC app on your mobile

– Go through the schedule and see what sessions you would like to attend

– And then during the conference, make sure to drop by the ABI booth and learn how you can help/get involved.

I am excited about the career fair, social and collaboration track, career development track, some sessions on security and mobile computing and then the open source hackathon!! Also I gather that some familiar faces will be there from GHC 2008 and I am looking forward to seeing those folks again.

Keep an eye on this blog for interesting updates live from the conference.


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