GHC 12: How to Market Yourself with a Strong Technical Resume

Presenters: Erica Lockheimer (LinkedIn), Wendy Gustafson (Cisco)

Technical Branding and Networking:

How to strengthen your LinkedIn profile/resume to stand out

How to land a job: networking tools and strategies, on and offline.

– Your web presence + Resume (complete your profile at LinkedIn)

Look for passion, fit, articulate your interests and show your personality.

Be comfortable with writing on the board, your thought process, interactive, articulate your ideas.

Look at similar profiles to figure out what others have done.

Describe projects you worked on, with links. If impacted a group/improved metrics, state it.

Ways to network:

– Keep contacts up to date.

– Alumni pages.

– Friends’ friend (2nd degree connections)

– Keep strong relationships.

Pick couple of group pages, Company pages

Referrals work. Take on as many interviews as you can.

Now over to resume writing:

– Can include your LinkedIn profile link.

– Organized and consistent formatting

– When specifying projects – show what YOU did (not we, team) – creative problem solving, improvising, your ideas

– Convey your efforts in terms of the problem that was solved, the value added, the positive result, and what you learned from it. Demonstrate the ability to tie in your efforts to the bigger picture and overall value add.

– Don’t make it a task list.

– Call examples of where you applied your skills

– Quantify (lines of code, #test cases, $$ value of project)

– Highlight areas where you stood as a leader (filled an opportunity gap, took initiative, went above what was asked, motivator?, community service, negotiated a win)

Resume should convey your personal brand (key points flow from your resume – execution person, e.g.)

– Third party review your resume and get feedback. Have them summarize in 2 sentences what kind of person they see in the resume.

– Tailoring your resume to the job you applying for. What lights you up? Does my resume tell someone what I really enjoy?


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