GHC12: How to optimize your job search

Moderator: Carolyn Strobel (Anita Borg Institute)

Panelists: Dawn Carter (NetApp), Stephenie Harp (CA Technologies), Ivo Lukas (24Notion and Girls in Tech), Kendra Arimoto (Facebook)

1) Tell about a time of successful job search

Helped to see what I needed to improve on, investigate the companies you want to work for. Contacts came from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – please tell others that I am looking, send me some contacts.

Seeing where your friendly people are working at, reached out to people I knew or ask friends to introduce you to someone, or reach out on your own.

If you using a blog for looking for a job, be specific and use it for that.

2) Networking is key. Connections should remain intact, don’t burn bridges in personal and professional lives. Connect with people on any tools. Go back to university and check out for events that are happening there. Volunteer and you will meet new people.

3) What if you don’t have a network?

You do have a network. Put your resume online – you need to exist online, build your online presence. Have a blog – helps to make a network. Don’t be afraid to ping people and just say hi or pick someone’s brain over a coffee.

4) Career fairs – what to do?

Meet the exhibitors. Stop by every booth you can. Find out what the companies are about. Ask them if there are people at the booth who are doing what you want to do. Try to get some follow-up action/email/contact info of somebody. Have an elevator pitch to get the recruiter to notice you.

What is it about those companies is why you are passionate about that company?

5) What information you want to know about someone when she comes to your booth?

Your presence (how you carry yourself), speaking clearly, articulating your thoughts, smile/handshake, who you are/what you like/what drives you/what cool projects you working on/what do you want to do? Think about things what you will be doing when you join the job the first day (ask those questions at the end of the interview).

6) Online job searching

Start early (6-7 months in advance). LinkedIn jobs page. Attach yourself to a recruiter and then you get into their networks. Search for recruiters on LinkedIn (make sure you add details to your profile so that they know what you working on – reverse search). Find out from Alumni, see where they working on, reach out to them. Mostly its a referral in today’s job search. When you ask people to introduce you, send them a bio so that they can forward that to that person to give a background. Volunteer for your passion areas.


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